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The researches are shared by humans with a little help of machines. The main tools used during these investigations are brains, computers and the World Wide Web.
We want to spread clearity, facts and show people the good that can be done with data, it is not all that bad. It all depends on the user of the data.

You are welcome to submit your research as a concept on the forum, we welcome fellow researchers and scientist!

The research can be in any field think about AI, beta's, computers, coding, data, energy, fighting fire, music production, religion, all the way up to zombifications. Researching everything and beyond, not taking knowledge for granted is what needs to be done in this day and age. If you made a science out of it and really want to share your information, this is the place and you are more then welcome! We like to stay as neutral and factual as possible and this can be hard sometimes, we request peace for the researcher as for they are just doing what they know best; researching. In doing research is no harm.


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