Facebook security review

Who is more secure according to internet.nl?

Why DUNE.wtf does not have any Facebook widgets, first of all thats not true.
We have meta tags installed in the code of this page that will make a picture appear when someone is sharing us on a social media page.
It is a Meme of course.

this the social media facebook meme that will appear

But we do not like to redirect to them from this site for multiple reasons but mostly because we believe that they score average on security and when it comes to security you need to score a 100% or go home.

Tests revealed that DUNE.wtf scored a 100% on internet.nl a place where you can track the security of websites.
We compared that to other platforms, like Facebook's internet score for example revealed an average, at the time of writing 71%, which in our books is just not enough.
It is showing the true nature of the site and that it is open for manipulation from outside. I have a personal opinion about the Facebook platform as well, but I will put that to the side and focus on the tests.
dune vs facebook

You are more then welcome to share us there, but we will not create a direct link. And we wont use the Facebook pixel either.

We do track you with Google and Matomo, in other words Cookies, we can use this for advertisements. Which for now we wont and if we ever will.. (highly unlikely!) We will make sure that the adds will never ever bother you (as in unskippable adds, or on prominent places)

We strongly recommend every internet user to use anti trackers, add blockers and other tools to keep you and your data secure. All we care about is how much traffic is flowing on the website, what do you like and spend time on and what not.
We will not lie about this and we will never use your data against you. We want to keep it secure from everyone.
The owner of the site is a trained data professional and has worked for big corporations but will never use the data on this site for other purposes.

We want to be the difference that we like to see in others.

Feel free to share DUNE using the link https://www.dune.wtf

If you are blocked from Facebook please notify us on the forum and you will get an extra experience star.

Dune.wtf is so secure it is in the hall of fame of internet.nl

internet.nl veiligheids badge


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