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From the maker of - A brand new site named

Dune as you know is made by one person as a hobby project in order to have some freedom of speech in The Netherlands, when we as society where at a point where there was no real option for that.

Back then alot of things where new, and the maker was guided wrong when it came to tracking and SEO. And the critique was hard.

We took all that critique and turned it in to this new awesome project.

We proudly present to you Post 'N Gone

Biggest difference is we wont use any analytical cookies, no third party access, and no registration.

We no longer have a host. We have our own virtual private server now.

We spend more time on automating certain tasks and making the site accessible on various devices.

We went less local Dune is specifically for Dutch people but Post 'N Gone is not.

Just post and gone!

What does the gone part mean? Well there is always a factor that allows or disallows factors in technology. And if we don't remove certain content within certain time frames.. We could legally get our asses kicked.

But the last thing we would want to do is only destroy certain opinions. That is just not fair. So we are leveling out the playing field by deleting everything after a while, but downloading the content should be super easily done with just one simple click or tap.

Deleting after a while also allows us to keep it free for you. Not just free as in money but it destroys the need for keeping certain external parties happy. So free in two senses. We will never insert advertisements that bothers the user.

Another important matter is that we wont use any third parties, no ready to go code, no backdoor's, no api's secretly transmitting visits, no hidden pixels, no big tech links, we even store our fonts on our own server.

Just us anonymous humans posting and having fun.

We do like to suggest the usage of VPN and clearing out your cache after each session. Also make sure you are not being monitored via a RAT construction.
If you do this and use the router of another human being nobody could ever know who you was. So if you have major secrets to share, please be our guest!

So report your favorite dictators and come join the fun at Post 'N Gone.

Reachable by the following 3 official domain names:
Post 'N Gone -
Post 'N Gone -
Post 'N Gone -

We offer the following services:
PNG - Text messages posting
PNG - PNG for images and memes
PNG - Videos with cool like buttons
PNG - Audio for artists
PNG - Private area


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Post 'N Gone

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