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Some of the anonymous news I could find online

A lot of people, businesses, organisations and what ever are abusing the ability to make videos appear anonymous style. So did Dune! :)
Here are someof them and you would be very awesome if you could share them everywhere! It sets a certain flow and will attract essential people so why not?

Do you remember your first Anonymous video? Was it in the movie V for Vendetta (2005) or did you actually got to see one of the originals from real life?
The very first one was from 2008 and was pointed towards the Church of Scientology, making very hard claims and they pushed trough and accomplished the impossible:

Here is a wiki-link to all their hacktivities:

Another video from 2012 when things really got heated and certain organisations where targeted:

Anyway you are here for new news! This is what I was able to find for 2021 that where a bit significant, I am still on the look out for more this one is about the 2021 situation:

This one is about social media and big tech

Strange message about a captured criminal

Anonymous about BBC

Message about crypto, not sure if we where supposed to see this


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