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(26-01-2023, 05:31 PM)Master admin Wrote:
(26-01-2023, 12:04 PM)CuriousFiend Wrote:
(24-01-2023, 12:45 AM)Master admin Wrote: So yeah started making this site because back then there was almost nothing.. Kind of stopped updating, but please if you notice more bugs post them in the Bugs section.

Made this with some open source stuff and HTML only.

If something isnt working on the forum you can always try to switch forum view at the bottom of the page and see if that works.
I rather see everything work as intended.. But cant always see what other see.. I know on Mobile phones private messaging can suck a little bit.

Yeah Im here! No idea who Justin Lowe is.. You would be a boss tho to repost these on Bitchute and spam those links instead of scum YT.

(21-01-2023, 05:06 AM)CuriousFiend Wrote: ?Fuckin crikey, i just realized i've been modifying the same post - thinking i'm posting individuals.

Ahh,...?...ok, so just ignore the preceding (¿)post(?).

Apparently i am far too blazed—and hilariously confused.
Holy fuck! You made this forum yourself?
I made the site from scratch with html, the forum is open source (because it sucks to make all the db connections), part from the font is from someone else and I edited it so much you wont recognise it from its original. Im not done yet, I need a better mascot and by know my programming knowledge has expanded.
Need a hand with the mascot aspect?

Up until about Dec 2021, i genuinely didn't have a clue of/nor any interest whatsoever with regard to these things commonly referred to as "memes"/"gifs".

However after being forcefully fuckin "locked down" i began spending more time online, soon learning the history of—& subsequently realizing the incredible scope, implications & potentials of memetics.

(*have tried a few times now at uploading to this site a whole bunch of original, custom, & hijacked memes 'n' gifs i've made in the last ~14months, yet they're all too large apparently—and ?...tbh i really wanted to show ya too.)

Ya know i do appreciate that you may likely (*& justifiably) be suspicious of me aye, which is absolutely reasonable.
Probably wondering why i keep pestering ya, ...and fair enough coz i would too.

Sheit, with your computer skills, for all i know you've probably learnt more about me that i realize is even possible.[*considering you've already sussed out my .com sites host company is in Chinada.(*Fyi; ?i couldn't stop laughing when i read that contact email you'd sent)] 

In my defense, i've gone through a rapid & significant transformation over the last decade—so, ? my online history probably would seem fuckin retarded.

But anyway, in case you're curious as to why i am so intent upon engaging with you?(*as i've previously half-assedly attempted to elaborate)

It's pretty simple bro, although i still don't really know what it is.

And i reckon you also possess this capacity too, whether consciously aware or not.

It's like being able easily recognize/discern practically any individuals true fundamental character based on their action vs words and how congruent these are.

Obviously it's nothing like "mind-reading", and more akin to a continually updating generalized characterological assessment.(*although vastly more complex that the current psychological academics asserted conceptions.)

i can basically tell that you're a legitimate mofo based upon how you've conducted yourself, and yep i certainly can ascertain so just by reading your commentary.

Already mentioned some of this, but in case you think i'm full of shit, i can tell you're extremely intelligent and uncommonly reasonable—because you have consistently demonstrated the capacity to actually comprehend certain things which most are incapable of so doing due to suppressed(*for whatever reasons) cognitive potentials.

Just a lazy guess here, i currently suspect that if you completed any "IQ" exam variant(*online or officially),... you'd probably be in the 130s-150s range(*perhaps higher).

Don't get my meaning wrong, coz i know exactly what official "IQ" measures are really about and i don't place much value in these tests.

The main point is that there's a 'communication gap' between stupid people & not-stupid people—thus the fact you can comprehend some of what i have been trying to communicate—this indicates you're within effective comms range of someone like me.(*142)

Why is some eccentric count from NZ pestering ya, and rambling on about all this seemingly extraneous sheit?

Because gott dangit Mr, i think you and me—and others like us whom i am going to continue seeking out—we could potentially collaborate in a mutually beneficial way in which each of us all stand to gain significant advantages.

Sure, i am willing to acknowledge i could be mistaken.

i recall you mentioning about not yet managing to benefit financially from online endeavours aye?

i can think of several right now.

Would you be interested in a side hussle producing & promoting music videos for a musician?
(*obviously it'd be entirely between yourself & him to work out any resulting arrangements)

But whatever the case, is there anything i can do for you that may prove i ain't full of shit?

Again, i definitely will assist with the mascot if you'd allow me the honour, and i will happily promote your site if you granted express permission to do so, which would be on both as well as on my bro's
And...if ya did finally join nzfreespeechforum,...i will immediately set ya up with moderator status and unlock access to the 6 restricted areas. 

Anyways,...fuck ya very much for reading my preceding spasticated ramblings, please come check out the forum sometime.

Cheers bro??

Made this badic video last night to go with an audio track by Notorious Outlaw Records.
(*i'd never done anything like a music vid before this.)
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